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  • Review of trade measures on electrical steel imports 'very disappointing'

    30 October 2020

    The European Commission today announced the start of an Expiry Review of the Minimum Import Price/anti-dumping measures on imports of grain-oriented electrical steel that have been in place since 2015.

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  • SCIP Database: Industry writes joint letter to European Commission

    21 September 2020

    On Monday 21st September, a coalition of 40 industry organisations, including T&D Europe, wrote a letter to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen calling for decisive action to solve implementation issues within the EU Waste Framework Directive (WFD), specifically the Substances of Concern in Products (SCIP) database.

    The signatories, representing a very significant part of the European Economy, request urgent resolution of implementation issues in a database designed to support the circular economy as expressed in the European Green Deal. This “SCIP” database is required by Article 9.1 of the updated Waste Framework Directive.

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  • Grid Investments – The enablers of the EU Green Deal

    11 September 2020

    Grid Investments – The enablers of the EU Green Deal

    On the 3rd of September 2020, T&D Europe hosted two webinars on the important issue of grid investments. Here is our summary take on two interesting and lively debates.

    Electricity and electricity networks are the backbone of Europe’s energy system and play acritical role in supporting the transition to a climate-neutral Europe by 2050. While Europe is home to a world-class electricity network, it is clear that future networks will be different. Due to the energy transition, increased consumer focus and participation and further electrification it is crucial that networks receive sufficient investments. In its long-term decarbonisation strategy, the European Commission published 8 scenarios for achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. These include average annual investments in the power grid of €80 billion to €110 billion between 2031 and 2050, compared to a baseline for the 2021-2-3- period of €59.2 billion. (European Commission (2018), In-depth analysis in support of the Commission communication COM(2018) 773, p. 202). The question is if and how these investments become a reality.

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  • T&D Europe stresses the potential of direct electrification

    06 July 2020


    Today T&D Europe joined 26 organisations representing the renewable energy sector in a call to Executive Vice-President Timmermans and Energy Commissioner Simson to stress the important potential for direct electrification.

    The letter states that “More than 60% of final energy consumption can be covered by direct electrification of final energy uses, such as road transport, heating and buildings, and industrial processes, with an energy system based on renewables. The upcoming Energy System Integration Strategy must accelerate the deployment of renewable electricity across these sectors, modernising Europe’s electricity grid infrastructure and driving the electrification of the economy.”

    As Europe’s grid technology providers T&D Europe members fully support the energy transition towards a climate-neutral Europe. The EU Green Deal will play a crucial part in unlocking the necessary investments in Europe’s electricity networks.



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  • T&D Europe joins Request to Adapt European Energy Planning Scenarios

    30 June 2020

    T&D Europe has joined a large group of stakeholders in signing a request to ensure that he EU Ten Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP) 2022 works with scenarios that are compatible with the Paris Agreement, the priorities of the European Green Deal and the European Council's decision to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

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